Beady Interview and other things

Hey all, It has been a while since my last post…my poor website doesn’t get much attention.


During May I did an interview via email with fellow ceramic bead maker Mary Harding, we meet selling our wares on the Ceramic Art Bead Market Facebook page. Mary provided me with some questions about my work and how I got into ceramics and I answered (as best I could) with words and pictures! After some tweaking by Mary the interview was published in late August on the Art Bead Scene Blog, you can read the full interview on the website.

Raw beads ready for the kiln

Raw beads ready for the kiln

I have been busy in August and September making beads obviously and doing quite a few made to orders, after my August Showcase on Handmade Jewellery and Components Showcase.

The beads on the right have been decorated with a black and white stoneware slip. The slip is applied after I have made the bead and then they are left to go a little bit hard…called leather hard, although sometimes they dry out and I  decorate them anyway, seems to be OK…so far :). I have just tested a blue slip, and it has turned out lovely, so look out for it over the next couple of months.

Pinch Pots

Condiment pinch pots with spoons

Condiment pinch pots with spoons.

I have also been busy making some pinch pots for a local gallery and for a customer who requested some for her family. (see pic). They are made from stoneware clay and have a slip trailed design with multiple glazes on each pot….fun to make.

Next Showcase

My next showcase will be at Handmade Jewellery and Components Showcase on the  20th September 2016, hope to see you all there!!

Cheers, The Hen


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