Birds, slip and work for myself

You know sometimes I think I like to make work for myself! I have an idea and that idea inevitably ends up being so time-consuming. I had this idea for bird faces on beads and connectors, so I started sketching some ideas..which is a bit unusual as I tend to do things on the fly a bit.

I started making a couple of beads and connectors out of porcelain…which has its own issues. Once they were at the leather hard¬†stage I drew on my designs. Oh, that was after I sanded and sponged them clean. I then took my trusty slip trailer and went over the pencil design in black slip.

Once the bead has been fired I then painstakingly paint different colours between the slip. Tedious I know but …they may turn out amazingly!!

Here they are two ready for the gloss firing.

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