Pit Firing

Pit fired beads

I was recently inspired to do a pit firing after seeing Claire Lockwood’s wonderful bead results. I organised a group of my daughter’s friends and their parents to come along and make some pinch pots for the pit! We had a great day making raku clay pots and ‘things’ in our half constructed house. I … [Read more…]

Glazing Flower Beads

Group of flower beads after gloss firing

Over the last few weeks I have been working on my flower series of beads and wanted to share the process of glazing them. Each bead is hand decorated with two different coloured slips (liquid clay)  and then bisque fired. Once they are out of the kiln I wiped them down with a damp sponge … [Read more…]

Birds, slip and work for myself

Bird face porcelain bead

You know sometimes I think I like to make work for myself! I have an idea and that idea inevitably ends up being so time-consuming. I had this idea for bird faces on beads and connectors, so I started sketching some ideas..which is a bit unusual as I tend to do things on the fly … [Read more…]

Beady Interview and other things

Condiment pinch pots with spoons

Hey all, It has been a while since my last post…my poor website doesn’t get much attention. Interview During May I did an interview via email with fellow ceramic bead maker Mary Harding, we meet selling our wares on the Ceramic Art Bead Market Facebook page. Mary provided me with some questions about my work and … [Read more…]

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

Rainbow Beads

WOOT WOOT, I have just won the Art Bead Scene Blogs Monthly Challenge for April. They have some great articles and tips and of course the monthly challenge which is fun!!

Oh you have green eyes

Celadon eyes - Melissa Trudinger

Melissa Trudinger has created some wonderful earrings for the Art Jewelry Elements’ Eye Love Beads challenge this month. Melissa chose my Celadon eye headpins to use. I just love them! You can read Melissa’s full blog post on her Beadrecipes blog.


Purple Lanterns

Hi everyone, My ETSY store has finally been updated and I have some listings that are on sale for $10.00 AU. Come on over to my shop, there are some great new listings, while you are there you could check out the sale items! https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/TheClayHen