Oh you have green eyes

Celadon eyes - Melissa Trudinger

Melissa Trudinger has created some wonderful earrings for the Art Jewelry Elements’ Eye Love Beads challenge this month. Melissa chose my Celadon eye headpins to use. I just love them! You can read Melissa’s full blog post on her Beadrecipes blog.

Customer Creations

black pollen grain beaded earrings

Here are another two wonderful creations from Ellie Bead from Ellie Bead Creations and Bernie Ryman from Handmade Jewellery by Bernie  using my handmade ceramic beads…great work!  

Fiona Rack’s Necklace

Fiona Rack's necklace terracotta disc beads

Here is another creation from Fiona Rack of Such Pizzazz!, using my rustic terracotta disc beads in wonderfully creative way. Great work Fiona!

Some more wonderful creations

Bernie Ryman's earrings

Bernie Ryman’s wonderfully quirky creation using my maroon spot on drop beads.

Customer Creation – Ellie Bead

ellie bead pollen grain bead

Ellie Bead’s Russian Spiral rope bracelet with one of my pollen grain beads. Available at Holey Glass Beadery  

More Customer Creations

fiona rack - urchin bead necklace

Here is a wonderful necklace designed and made by Fiona Rack from Such Pizzazz! using my Urchin beads (the 4 yellow knobbly ones!) and Jen G’s focal beads…great work Fiona.

More wonderful bead creations

frogs eggs bead earrings

Here are some more earrings made by Bernie from handmade jewellery by bernie using some of my beads she purchased from me (the lentil Japanese tissue transfer ones at the bottom).

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings by Bernie

Look at what one of my customers did with my hand painted beads! They are made using my ceramic star burst beads from my paisley series and Jen G’s  lamp work spacer beads. I loved them so much I bought them back. Good on you Bernie.  

Earring Creations

terracotta fern earrings

Here are some earrings using my beads (the terracotta ones and the fern pattern ones). These were made by the very imaginative Bernie.